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Hello, my name is Kevin Davis. What? You already knew that; yes, of course.

Some people have referred to me as an artist. Well, yes I suppose so, but I cannot take all the credit. Whether a photograph of nature or of people, in most cases I say that the original artist is God. I am a treasure hunter, an interpreter, and a visual engineer. I think around the subject, look at such things as the light in relation to the subject, and communicate visual treasure.
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For the most part, I am self-taught in photography. I have attended short seminars by great photographers, including Rod Planc, Galen Rowell, John Netherton, John Sexton, Bruce Heinemann, Dewitt Jones, George Lepp, and John Shaw. I love the inspiration and information.

Here are some of the organizations who have published my images: Appalachian Mountain Club, Browntrout Publishing (calendars), Shearson Publishing (calendars).

Some people are predominantly left brain (artistic) and others are predominantly right brain (technical), but I really prefer to be a mix of both. Photography suits me well because it requires technical skill and also creative vision.

My Specialties

•  High-quality,
high-resolution images;
prints 18-inches and larger.

•  Nature and scenic images

•  Wilderness locations. I have 20 years experience hiking mountains and forests, including 10 years as a hiking & backpacking trip leader for the Boston chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club.

My Equipment

• Canon 5D mk II DSLR
and Canon lenses

•  Bronica medium format

• Gossen light meter

• Olympus compact
digital camera

• Gitzo tripods

• Kata and LowePro
camera bags

• Adobe Photoshop

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